XP Deus Review

The XP Deus is a wireless detector with fully telescopic S shaped stem that is great for portability. By standard is comes with an 11 inch Double-D coil that lets you cover more ground to speed up your recovery. There is a firmware system that ensures the detector will always be up to date using Deus’ updating system.

This is a pricey machine but it is one of the few that is worth it’s weight in gold. For the newer metal detectorist you will feel at home jumping in it when upgrading from your cheaper model and for the more advanced detectorist there is plenty to help you improve your efficiency and recovery times. You can tell time was spent into the design and build of the whole unit to ensure it can cope with the stresses of being out hunting. The LCD screen is designed in such a way that it is easy to read and allows the user to easily change settings.

The wirelessness of the unit is a great quality of life addition, no more cables to get caught up in and no more needing to worry about the wire from the coil to the control panel. Another great aspect of the machine is that the stem is telescopic and can be folded down to 58cm in length. This coupled with its light weight of around 2 lbs allows you to easily transport it to where you want. A truly portable metal detector.

Behind the scenes the machine has a very fast recovery time, it is clearly a well specced machine. There are a lot of inbuilt program settings and you can add 8 customized settings. The unit runs on rechargeable batteries and you will find the coil to be the weakest link with a 15 hour run time compared to around 27 hours for the headphones and control panel.

Below you will find the overall review rating and then a list of specifications for the XP Deus.


XP Deus rating breakdown
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Build quality

Overall rating

This is one serious workhorse that ticks all the boxes. The XP Deus offers all the features you would want to get some serious detecting done. The only negative is that the cost can be a little prohibitive but if you want to get serious about your hobby this is the one.

5 / 5


XP Deus specifications

Channels36 automatic channels
Radio frequencies and radio power2.4GHz / 0.56mW
Weight987 g / 2.18 lbs
Length130cm deployed, 58cm folded
Audio responseMulti tone with full tones
Ground balanceTracking, pumping, manual, wet beach
Notch discriminationYes, multi notching
Pinpoint modeYes, audio and visually
Factory programs10 with 8 customizable programs
Audio volume adjustmentOn wireless headphones
Display screenHigh quality and backlit, 8192 pixels
Software updatesYes, via USB cable or Internet
CoilDD coil, 11 inch, waterproof and wireless
StemFully telescopic, S shape
Batteries15 hours usage, rechargeable lithium batteries
Charging time3 hours
Guarantee5 years