Garrett Ace 250 Review

Garrett Ace 250

This is a review of the Garrett Ace 250 which is a popular and user friendly metal detector by the well known Garrett brand. If you would like more reviews of other metal detectors have look at the metal detector reviews page.

The Garrett Ace 250 may look like it is aimed more at the kids market with its bright yellow colors but this is one “looks can be deceiving” type of kit. The Ace 250 is a very serious and excellent metal detector that offers the features any detectorist would want. The build quality is of a high standard, which is very typical of the manufacturer Garrett. The unit comes with a digital control panel with many settings available that let the user customize the program settings to how they want. The default coil is a 6.5″ x 9″ concentric coil but you can easily upgrade the coil to a Double-D coil that brings the metal detector inline with the best of the best.

The detector is light at 2.7lbs / 1kg and offers an adjustable stem giving an adjustable height of 42″ to 51″. It takes standard AA batteries so dealing with batteries in the field is no problem. The weight and the fact it can collapse to a small size makes this a great portable metal detector that you can take with you anywhere.

51YuH93PIILThe display is clear and intuitive and there the right amount of information provided without giving information overload. There is a mode settings that lets you cycle between all-metal mode, jewelry mode, a custom mode, relics mode and coins mode. These modes are preset discrimination modes that notch out certains metals to let you only hunt for the types you prefer. There is a sensitivity button to alter the sensitiveness of the machine, this helps reduce the amount of false readings in certain types of ground. The discrimination and elimination buttons allow you to reject certain bands of targets so you can hunt for specific metals.

The pinpoint button offers an extremely helpful feature that separates this from the Garrett Ace 150 which is pinpointing mode. In pinpointing mode you can more precisely determine where the target is by sweeping back and forth and listening to the strength of the noise emitted. This mode is a very helpful mode that increases the recovery rate as well as reducing the size of holes you dig.

This machine is a very good machine for the price. It packs more features that you would expect and is very accurate and reliable. The ease of use makes this a great starter machine and many advanced detectorists still use their trusty Garrett Ace 250. A highly recommended machine that ticks all the boxes.

Garrett Ace 250 rating breakdown
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Overall rating

A great low to mid priced machine that is powerful and resilient enough to offer years of happy metal detecting. Suitable for beginners all the way to advanced users who want a reliable detector that you will be good to go whenever your are.