Bounty Hunter BHJS Review

Bounty Hunter BHJS

The Bounty Hunter BHJS is a great metal detector made for children. With this metal detector you can let your child join in on the fun and excitement of the hunt. The BHJS offers an adjustable stem allowing children of all sizes to find a comfortable height. The detector offers one tone but varies the volume of the beeps to let the detectorist know they are getting closer to the target. The 15cm coil allows the detector to go to depths of 15cm. The coil is water resistant so can be uses in all kinds of weather and muckiness.

Bounty Hunter BHJS Control Panel

The control panel is basic and that is great for a junior metal detector aimed at beginners. There is an analog meter for target strength, a power knob and an eliminator knob. Children will find this quite intuitive to use after a few minutes of playing around. The control panel is durable enough to withstand some children playing with it a little too much! The simplicity of the interface ensures young children will understand what happens when you come in proximity to a target and offers enough functions to lets the kid tinker with the buttons and see how changes affect the detecting capability.

Children as young as 5 will have fun playing with the detector. It is a valuable learning tool and will encourage your child to follow a fantastic hobby. You can use this detector as a kickstarter to learning more about metals, local history, coins and their history as well as getting the child outside in the great outdoors doing something fun and healthy. If your child decides that this is the hobby for them then this is a perfect introductory detector that will provide all the basic skills they will need to learn more advanced detectors.

Bounty Hunter BHJS rating breakdown
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Overall rating

This is a great starter metal detector for the smaller enthusiast. A modest investment that can bring many years of joy and a sense of investigative intrigue.