Below is a collection of tips for beach hunting. If you have any tips to add please go to the contact page.

  • Keep an eye on tides, you do not want to get yourself cut off from safety. When detecting you can get into a zone and forget about things around you and there is always a chance the tide can creep up on you.
  • Use a sand scoop, these are scoops with holes in them that let the sand through but traps your finds. My preference is a plastic sand scoop so you can use your pinpointer over the contents of the scoop.
  • Ensure your metal detector is suitable for beach hunting. It should be water resistant and be stable on wet sand.
  • Try looking up old photos of the beach, this can help you determine where hot spots were in the past.
  • When detecting on dry sand finds are likely to be more recent losses. If you find a piece of jewellery try and find the owner first – a good place to start is the local police station.
  • Ensure the beach is on public property. If you are from the UK go to The Crown Estate Metal Detecting permit page to ensure your beach is part of the Crown Estate and then apply for a permit. This is as simple is filling out an online form, takes a minute.

When to detect

  • It’s best to detect when the beach is quiet to avoid disturbing other users of the beach.
  • During the week is usually quietest as people are often at work.