The following lists aim to provide helpful top lists for metal detectors for various types of metal detectorist. We cover from the best beginners metal detectors to the best overall metal detector.

Best Metal Detector – The ultimate list of the best of the best, each offering is excellent and there is a good range of prices from the reasonably priced up to the large investment detectors.

Best Beach Metal Detector – Hunting on beaches requires kit capable of handing the differences in magnetic fields causes by salt as well as the corrosion it can cause.

Best Kids Metal Detector – This list offers a good round up of detectors that will suit a child in terms of size and ease of use as well as affordability.

Best Beginners Metal Detector – This list offers a good spectrum of metal detectors that range from the “cheap but can do the job” all the way to the more substantial investment that will last the user for a very long time in terms of what the detector can handle.

Best Pinpointer – Pinpointers aim to help the user recover items faster and the probes on this list are the best of the crop of pinpointers.