Metal detecting is a fun pastime for all ages but there is a bewildering amount of metal detectors and accessories out there. This site helps to make things easier by helping with the research for metal detectors to cater to various groups of people.

Below are three of the best detectors on the market to suit three different types of people – best childrens metal detector, best affordable metal detector and best premium metal detector.

If you want to go straight to the best metal detectors list head on over to the Best Metal Detectors for 2019 page. For more lists with indepth reviews and information for various uses such as best kids detector head over to the Best Metal Detectors and Accessories page.

Top 3 Metal Detectors for 2019

Best Childrens - Bounty Hunter BHJS
Made for children
4.5 Stars
Best Affordable - Garrett Ace 250
Offers many features
5.0 Stars
Best Premium - XP Deus
Very fast recovery time
High quality build
5 Stars

What to Look for in Metal Detectors


Certain manufacturers are known to provide high quality metal detectors. Garrett is one of these makers that is well known for their high quality products throughout their entire range of detectors. Their range starts at the Garrett ACE 150 which sells for around $150-$200 and goes all the way up to the Garrett ATX which can cost a princely sum of $2500. If you buy any of their products you know you will have a product that was last for quite some time no matter what hardships you put it through. Other well known and reputable brands are Minelab, Fisher and Teknetics.

Coil Type, Detecting Depth and Sensitivity

A metal detector with the ability to control sensitivity coupled with a good coil plays a big part in how deep and how accurate you can detect. There are two main types of coils you can use – concentric coils and “double d” or DD coils. Generally DD coils provide a better experience after a little bit of practice. With a good coil and some fine tuning you will find detecting at depths of 10 inches or more to be quite comfortable and rewarding.

Discrimination Feature

A unit with an excellent discrimination setting is a must or you will find you end up digging up a lot of trash. Discrimination lets the user “discriminate out” certain types of metals such as iron. This is useful when you are in a trashy field that is constantly dinging with piece of iron trash. You can also have setups such as coin only mode where the detector will only hunt for metals that coins are predominately made out of.


If you want to do beach metal detecting or detecting near rivers it pays to have a waterproof detector. There are many detectors made with this type of detecting in mind, the Best Beach Metal Detector page offers a list of the best.

Screen and Controls

Do you prefer old style analog dials or a more modern LCD screen with buttons? Generally the latter offers more control and options but analog dials let you find tune easier. Some people just prefer a nice comfortable old style dial. You also need a screen that you can see easily whilst in the field and it should be able to handle getting a little muddy but still be perfectly viewable.